the 3 laws of reality

This is a personal attempt to integrate what I have learned from both the "scientific" and the "esoteric" worlds, which I believe coexist without contradiction, into a brief yet coherent description of Reality. If such principles as are discussed here were to obtain general acceptance, the civilization of the world would make a wonderful and urgently needed step forward. Sterling Doughty, 2004

A main problem of the human race is that it has a flawed and incomplete view of Reality. It "thinks" dualistically, only in terms of good and bad, and prefers adversarial (winner/loser) relationships which often ultimately terminate in catastrophe. Reality needs to have 3 recognized components in order to be properly understood. The third component is the higher good, one example being the good that results from a cooperative solution that benefits all parties. This is the way of true growth and evolution.

Here is my perception of these 3 laws and their interactions.

The Law of Unity:

This law is obvious, but generally ignored. There is only ONE. There can be apparent separation in the creation and manifestation of diversity, but this is only apparent or relative, not actually so.

We (every manifestation) are an integral aspect of God or Allah or Tao or the Absolute or however one attempts to name It. The Absolute is just that. It goes on Forever, and has gone on Forever in every space, time and dimension. Any scientific or rational examination of the facts inevitably leads to the conclusion of ultimate unity. A view of a room full of people showing density from an atomic level is quite revealing. It is composed almost entirely of empty space with some energetic particles zooming around. That is it! In Reality, we are Zilch. If the sun was truly separate from us, how could its rays reach us? Do people who claim to be independent breath air? Quantum physics is based on the principle of undifferentiated reality. If we accept that as a truth for science, why do we refuse to apply it to ourselves?

The Law of Diversity within the Unity:

What we usually call Creation, The Known Universe, is probably only an infinitesimal part of a greater entity, idea or dream. The Creator may be in the continual process of creating Creations or Universes and receiving them back into itSelf at the end of their lifespan. Like piles of bubbles and bubbles within bubbles within bubbles. Imagine the bubbles from a bath out in space with a universe inside each bubble.It seems that anything that is created, as "distinguished" from the main body of the Absolute itself, has a life span (i.e. no inherent or immortal existence). It is born, lives and dies, whether galaxy or human being. In Hindu cosmology this process is described in detail. It is very similar to the scientific theory known as the Big Bang, which although not proven, has a great deal of evidence to support it.

If you reconcile Hindu (Bhagavad Gita)cosmology with western scientific theory,you come up with some sort of cyclical Big Bangs, with Creations issuing (like breaths of God to use a Christian metaphor) in the form of energy possessing Will from the Absolute, diversifying with age, distance and level of manifestation from the Source until we arrive at organic life (at least in our Creation). At some point, this process will halt and reverse itself, "falling" back towards the Source, carrying with it all that has been experienced and learned during the life time of the Creation. For "steady-state" adherents, instead of falling back, some Creations are absorbed by the Creations surrounding them via Black Holes (Bubble to Bubble transfer. Perhaps it might be said that in the largest sense (in terms of this Creation) the Yin, via Chi, recalls the Yang, and the manifestation or diversity or created entity returns to the Source, the Absolute.

So the Second Law denotes the appearance and disappearance of the first elements of diversity, Yin and Yang and that which relates them, Chi. It is important to remember that all three are in fact aspects or attributes of the One, but have diverse manifestations. In the first moments of (this) Creation, an incalculable amount of energy as preternatural light (This is the white light described in enlightenment and near-death experiences) in pre-atomic form is released: Two, coming from the One (the movement creating Time in the process), then comes the Three: Yin, Yang, Chi (Son, Father, Holy Spirit). Yin retreats before the manifesting Yang creating Space. From the Three comes the many, or the 10,000 things as the Chinese say. As the primal energy (pre-atomic in form) assumes more material form, it drops in level, becoming more material, denser, converting energy into mass. First comes Hydrogen and Deuterium, then Helium etc, the components of stars and galaxies and eventually planets and, on occasion, organic life and finally the human input, which unfortunately is still mostly in violation of Law Three and is in the process of destroying the ecosystem it depends on for the sustenence of all life.

The Law of Relationship between the Diversity and the Unity:

Law Three is a behavioral law. It says that if you understand it and apply it, the Will of God (the original creative impulse-idea leading to life) will be fulfilled easier than if you don't.
Here follow three ways of looking at this law in practice:

  • Compassion
  • The Action of Non-Action
  • The Law of Reciprocal Maintenance

Actually, all three of the above are essentially the same thing. They just look at the Third Law from different perspectives. Looking at it this way is a very useful technique to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of this (or any) "whole".

Compassion cannot be accurately defined aside from reference to itself. It contains Higher Love (to distinguish the word from intra-human love), Empathy, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Understanding, Respect, Good Will, Appropriate Action and other elements. It is not feeling sorry for someone. The more you feel yourself to embody and manifest in word, deed, thought, emotion and spirit all the most beautiful and wonderful qualities you could imagine that God or the Absolute would Will us to Be, the closer you are to Compassion.

The Action of Non-Action is confusing to some people, although it needn't be. It has nothing to with coldness, laziness, "no-action" or indifference. It simply means that you want to act usefully and helpfully and skillfully when and where you can, in every situation, without a personal attachment to the end results. By being detached, you increase your potential for appropriate action because you are not wasting energy and time with personal blockages, opinions or hang-ups. You have a normal life, you live it as well as you can. Fine, but at every point of interaction with other parts of what after all is your Self, you try to contribute what you can based on your level of understanding, wisdom, love, i.e. Compassion. Sometimes you can't do anything. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes they do and the situation is more enhanced or evolved than it was earlier.

It is important to remember also that the Action of Non-Action requires that you surrender the idea of you, personally, as the doer or cause. Ultimately, all acts are those of the All, the Primal Cause. This is a subtle and immensely important concept to understand. The more completely appropriate and personally detached (not impersonal, but non-personal) your Action of Non-Action is, the more you approach that wondrous Being we all have the potential to realize.

The Law of Reciprocal Maintenance. In terms of looking at the current situation here on Earth, this way of approaching the Third Law, which was central to Gurdjieff's* Work, is especially interesting. A functioning Universe is based to a large degree on Respect. Respect for the fundamental natural laws (with or without the idea of a Creator) and their appropriate expression within our World. Nature of course functions this way. Rain falls, tree roots take it up, nourish the tree, which produces fruit, then the tree releases the water back to the air and so on. Under the dualistic-adversarial theory, whose main component is greed, there wouldn't be any trees. You can see this as interrelated Enneagrams (a unique nine-pointed diagram that shows how cycles operate and levels of manifestation are organized* ) dancing with each other, each Enneagram being a cycle on one scale or another.

On the fruit Enneagram, for example, the tree would produce apples. Two people eat the apples. One uses the converted energy of the apple to sustain himself so he can shoot a member of an opposing group, the other uses the energy to plant new trees or meditate or act decently and humanely towards others, who he sees as equals and part of the Unity we all are, in definition and fact, part of.

Whatever action supports and sustains the evolution of the Creation towards higher levels is useful and appropriate, other action is not. One does not even need to use the concept of good and bad to understand this. Humans are supposed to be here to help, not harm. Otherwise why bother to create them if their main activity is to destroy that which sustains them? By doing things like eating the fish from the sea until there are none left or polluting the air so as to alter our climatic system. For example, global warming is not some weirdo tree-hugger fantasy or some maybe of the far distant future, it is here, now. You have to be dumb as a fence not to notice this.

And, since nothing much besides empty rhetoric is combating it, it will increasingly manifest in effects over which we have no control. The warming is not even the worst of it, rather it is the climatic instability that comes with the change. Food shortages might make this somewhat more clear. Destroying our own home (Earth)is a violation the Law of Reciprocal Maintenance. When you act in accord with the law, you are in the Action of Non-Action and demonstrating your degree of Compassion. We take (or better, are given) so we must give back, but in an appropriate and useful form. Then all prospers.